Part 9: Past Tenses and the Particle も

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Part 9: Past Tenses and the Particle も

Post by The Right Admin on Sat May 09, 2015 7:22 pm

When making sentences in the past tense you change the end of the sentence, such as です. This is both for sentences that use です as well as those that use verbs. Here is how you change the ending:
For past affirmative of です change ~です --> ~でした.
For past negative of です change ~です --> ~じゃなかったです.
For past affirmative of verbs change ~ます --> ました.
For past negative of verbs change ~ます --> ませんでした

The particle も can be used to replace other particles. It can be used to replace other particles than は like when this was previously mentioned. This works for the particles は, が, and を. You can use も if the sentence is the same except for a word followed by one the previously mentioned particles. Here is an example:
わたしはくつすいました。わたしはかばんすいました。   "I bought shoes. I bought a bag, too."
くつ  --  shoes
かう  --  to buy (-u verb)
かばん  --  bag

The particle も can also be used along with other particles to accomplish the same things as when it replaces a particle. This works with the particles that were previously mentioned (は, が, and を) as well as with に. Here is an example:
"I went to Kyoto last week. I also went to Osaka."
せんしゅう  --  last week
きょうと  --  Kyoto
おおさか  --  Osaka

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